When it comes to the art of selling a home, you can be assured 24-Hour Realty has mastered it. We start by  tapping potential sellers to your property through a strategically targeted marketing campaign spearheaded by an experienced sales associate who knows what it takes to get your home noticed. And noticed fast.

We consider all the various factors that can affect overall value of a home and use this information to recommend a sale price. Please be advised that this is not an official property appraisal. We use various resources to effectively market your property to interested sellers. We use several channels of advertising to announce the availability or your home. We constantly keep our customer base updated on all new listings. We clarify the process of selling a home and help you with all the documents and procedures you can expect to encounter.

Each 24-Hour Realty sales associate is equipped with powerful sales tools to expose your house to the widest variety of home sellers possible. These tools can help sell your house for the most money, in the shortest amount of time, and with the greatest convenience to you. Here are some of the tools a 24-Hour Realty sales associate might use: